Find your Why coaching session

3 hour session together, after you\\'ve done some pre-work which I'll send you when you book this. (Min 7 days notice due to the time you need for your pre-work)

By the end of your session you'll have a draft why statement, which includes your contribution & your impact to others.

For more information, see our Find Your Why page.

At a venue of your choice, where we'll not be disturbed & you feel comfortable. This could be your home, or place of work. Mileage may be charged.
Starts at 297
Coaching session

One to one coaching session with Tracey-Jane Hughes, via Zoom meetings, online.

You will receive a link to the copy of your coaching session after the meeting for future reference.

The session can be used to discuss and explore any area of work or home life that's challenging you at the time.

Starts at 100
20 minute Focus

Spend 20 minutes focusing on an issue or challenge which is currently causing you to be stuck with Tracey-Jane Hughes.

Business, website, juggling, prioritising, scheduling. Whatever it is, lets spend 20 minutes working things out and setting you off in a direction that\'s right for you.

Starts at 40